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Bosch B. - San Jose, CA  

I've been to about 9-10 different dentists/oral surgeons and Dr. Kiryakos ranks up as one of the two best I've ever seen (Dr. Glen Lee in Santa Barbara is the other one). His professionalism, wisdom, and ability to explain what's going on with your teeth is unmatched. I was impressed with his probe cam, where he was able to put up a magnified visual on the monitor of your teeth and gums to show you what was going on , it was the most thorough examination I've ever had. He also stresses preventive care, taking care of cavities in the early stages to prevent major dental work later.

A special mention to his amazing office staff! They treat you like family and make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in.

If you're looking for a dentist in the area you absolutely need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kiryakos, after one visit you may actually like going to the dentist.

Liquidman - San Jose, CA  

Great dentist! Fixed me up good. Nice guy. Loves the Sharks and the staff is really cool and they even give ya shots of Petron tequila! (not really, but ask for it anyway) You won't find any better.

Erin O. - San Jose, CA  

I started going to Dr. Kiryakos after years of not going to a dentist, so I was dreading the work that would need to be done. My first visit, he stuck an instrument in my mouth and I thought, "I hope that was the shot cuz I didn't feel a thing." And sure enough, it was!

I knew I was in great hands from that moment on. I've gone to him for over 5 years now and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. He's personable, on time, and does good work.

Inge B. - San Jose, CA  

Just had my first two fillings done by Dr. K. this morning and he is the best. I never even felt the novocaine needle, he answered all my questions, told me what to look out for, and best of all, didn't make a big deal over my obvious nervousness (shaking hands and lower jaw - thank goodness he was working on the top). Lovely, kind assistant and front office staff. I feel very relieved to have found Dr.K, since the teeth in our family seem to be made of styrofoam. We're going to be there a lot in the coming months!


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Jessica L.  

Dr. Kiryakos not only has a great sense of humor but is an excellent dentist. I've been going to him for almost 15 years and have never left unhappy. My teeth get very well cleaned and it's not done in a rough way like some other places that can leave your gums bloody and your mouth really sore the next day.

His staff and dental assistants are very friendly and great at reminding you about appointments. The office is clean and parking is not difficult because there is a lot directly in front of his office. Kiryakos is one of the best dentists in the Almaden Valley.